Are rabbits nocturnal? If not, what are they?

Seeing how common it is for rabbits’ owner to see their adorable bunny sleeping and lazing around during the day, they assume that they are indeed nocturnal, but the question that is are rabbits nocturnal is a bit more complicated than that.

Are rabbits nocturnal?

As it turns out; no, rabbits aren’t nocturnal animals. They are in fact crepuscular. This means that different from nocturnal animals which are only active during the night, the time for rabbits to be the most active during the twilight hours between dusk and dawn. Research has shown that rabbits adjust their circadian rhythms depending on the outside influences.

Why are rabbits crepuscular?

Well seeing that crepuscular means an animal that’s active during twilight hours, how does this benefit rabbits exactly?

Just like any animal out there, rabbits have natural predators that they need to be aware of and most of their predators are often times diurnal (something that’s active during the day) or nocturnal (something that is active during the night). So, it makes sense for a rabbit to be crepuscular, since in the twilight hours there aren’t as many active predators that can threaten their life.

What about wild rabbits?

Although people do often consider wild rabbits to be nocturnal, they’re still crepuscular just like their domesticated counterparts. The reason is the same as any rabbits out there, they are small creatures, and they have a lot of predators out there.

So, to summarize the answer of are rabbits nocturnal: They are not, they’re a creature known as crepuscular, meaning they’re active during dusk or twilight.

And that is all from us about answering are rabbits nocturnal and if they’re not, what are they? It’s a common question for sure and that’s why we like answering it. We hope this article can help you learn a little more about our adorable fluffy friend. See you!