Contamination Benefit

Illness Benefit is a scheme to help you in case you can’t work in the short time period due to the fact you are sick or ill.

Illness Benefit isn’t always connected on your agency’s policy on pay for unwell leave.

Whether your enterprise can pay you or not whilst you are out unwell from paintings, you need to declare Illness Benefit within 6 weeks of turning into unwell.

If your profits is too low to satisfy your desires whilst you are watching for a decision on your claim for Illness Benefit, you will be entitled to basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance. This is a weekly payment for folks that do now not have enough earnings to fulfill their basic wishes and the wishes in their companion or kids.

Illness benefit for COVID-19 absences

To qualify for Illness Benefit, you have to meet conditions associated with:

You must be under pensionable age that is currently 66.

Social insurance (PRSI) contributions

You must have at the least 104 class A, E, H or P social coverage (PRSI) contributions paid because first starting work, and both one of the following:

39 weeks of PRSI contributions paid or credited within the applicable tax year, of which 13 should be paid contributions. If you do not have thirteen paid contributions in the applicable tax 12 months, then thirteen paid contributions in one of the following tax years can be used as a substitute:

either of the 2 tax years before the relevant tax year

the final complete tax year (before the 12 months wherein your claim for Illness Benefit starts offevolved)

the modern-day tax yr

26 weeks of PRSI contributions paid in the applicable tax yr, and26 weeks of PRSI contributions paid within the tax 12 months without delay before the applicable tax 12 months.

The applicable tax year is the second-final complete tax 12 months before the 12 months in which your claim for Illness Benefit starts.

Example 1: If you’re making a claim in 2020, the relevant tax 12 months is 2018.

Example 2: If you are making a claim in 2021, the relevant tax year is 2019.

put up an IB1 Form (application form for Illness Benefit and Injury Benefit) and accompanying ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ shares of which are held by medical doctors

claim Illness Benefit from the primary day of your contamination

attend your medical doctor and post ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ as required

notify the department when you are suit to return to work. Your ultimate Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ ought to be marked as Final by using your health practitioner earlier than you cross back to work. If it isn’t, you need to notify the department at:


Department of Social Protection, Dublin 1, PO Box 1650

From 06 January 2014 a client isn’t entitled to Illness Benefit for the first 6 days of any duration of disability for work.From 1st March 2021, this has been reduced from 6 days to three days.This means that a person does no longer receives a commission for the first 3 days that they’re out unwell.These are called “waiting days”.Sunday is not counted as a ready day.

You can decide to have your Illness Benefit paid into your bank, constructing society, credit score union or put up office account. It also can be paid through cheque in certain circumstances or directly on your organization only into a to bank, constructing society, credit score union or put up office account. If you get unwell pay from work, you should ask your agency whether or not you should nominate fee to them whilst you are claiming Illness Benefit.

Illness Benefit fees are paid at 4 distinct costs. The department works out which fee you’re paid based to your average weekly income in the applicable tax yr. The department works out your average weekly income by way of dividing your general earnings (earlier than tax and benefit some different deductions) within the applicable tax year by the real variety of weeks you have worked.

Depending to your instances, some or all of your Illness Benefit fee may be at risk of income tax. Tax isn’t always charged on will increase paid for any based youngsters.

The branch pays Illness Benefit with out deducting tax. The branch does, however, notify Revenueof the taxable quantity of Illness Benefit to be taken under consideration for income tax purposes. This manner you do no longer need to do whatever for the correct tax to be paid.

Social coverage (PRSI) and Universal Social Charge (USC) aren’t charged on Illness Benefit payments.

Example of common weekly profits

Reckonable profits (earnings taken into account) in relevant tax yr = €16,800

Number of weeks of labor = 35

Average weekly earnings = €480 (€16,800 divided through 35)

If you have best labored one week in that yr and earned €232.36 for that week, your reckonable weekly income would be €232.36.

The price for certified person are as follows:

Average weekly earningsPersonal charge (€)Qualified grownup fee (€)€three hundred or more203.00€134.70€220 – €299.99159.0087.20€150 – €219.99131.0087.20less than €15091.1087.20

claims for Illness Benefit are usually made on form IB1 (software form for Illness Benefit and Injury Benefit) and accompanying ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ that are to be had out of your medical doctor

a ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ may be provided in paper form (red colored certificate) or, in a few practices, this may be completed and submitted on line through the medical doctor. Where the medical doctor has finished an ‘Electronic Certificate of Incapacity for Work’, the medical doctor will provide the purchaser with a receipt to your own/organisation’s facts

You have to get a health practitioner to look at you.You may also ought to pay for this examination, but you could get the ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ at no cost as the branch can pay for it.

The claim shape and ‘Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ (if ‘Electronic Certificate of Incapacity for Work’ has now not been submitted via a doctor) have to be submitted to:


Department of Social Protection, Dublin 1, PO Box 1650

Illness Benefit Close My Claim


Illness Benefit Section Social Welfare Services PO Box 1650 Dublin 1


If you’re returning to paintings earlier than expected please touch the department. You can contact us via e-mail to shut your claim or through calling the range beneath.

Operational recommendations describe the procedures and techniques that staff in the department observe while wearing out their paintings.