‘Do rabbits lay eggs?’ The Fabled Question Finally Answered

It seems like such a silly question isn’t it? Do rabbits lay eggs? Well, there are couple reasons why this question becomes a highly search term on Google. So, we’d love to give an in-depth explanation as to why people ask this question. Even though the answer should be more than obvious for anyone that has ever had a rabbit as a pet.

Do rabbit lay eggs?

The idea of rabbits laying eggs doesn’t seem too far-fetched with the imagery of Easter Bunny and eggs everywhere around it. So, it can’t really be helped that the question do rabbits lay eggs becomes popular. But unfortunately, bunnies and or rabbits do not lay eggs. In fact, rabbits are the furthest thing from an animal that lays eggs considering they’re mammals.

Rabbits just like any other mammals give birth to their child, except that they’re doing it at an exceptionally fast rate. Ever heard the term breeding like rabbits before? This term comes into existence because rabbits can produce more than 184 billion offspring just in seven years.

Why do this question exist?

Well as everyone is aware, Easter Bunny and eggs go hand-in-hand, you can’t separate them from one or the other. So, some kids out there might actually think that rabbits do lay eggs.

Also, here’s a little bit of history about Easter in attempt to make it clearer. According to the University of Florida’s Center for Children’s Literature and Culture, there was Eostra, the goddess of spring and fertility. According to its myth, a young girl appeared with an injured bird and asked Eostra for help. She then turned the bird into a hare, and told the girl that it would come back every year to bring her rainbow-colored eggs.

 Thus, when Catholic become a major religion, people then mixed their pagan beliefs with Christianity, resulting in Easter Egg becoming a symbol of Jesus’ Resurrection.

That is all about the question of do rabbits lay eggs. We hope this quite honestly silly article can clear up any confusion you may have about rabbits laying eggs. See you in the next article!