How Long do Rabbits Live? An Answer to The Dreadful Question in Rabbits Owner’s Mind

Just like any domesticated animal out there, rabbits have an average lifespan, which in turn raises the question how long do rabbits live. So, it is important for any owner out there to know the life expectancy of their rabbits so that they could gives them the best out of the best in all various stages of their life.

How Long do Rabbits Live?

Unlike their wild relatives that has an average lifespan of one to two years. The answer to how long do rabbits live differs if we’re talking about domesticated rabbits or bunnies. Domesticated rabbits can live between eight up to twelve years. This is largely thanks to the fact that they’re not exposed disease, food issues, and predators.

Do Some Breeds Live Longer?

 Well though the average lifespan of domesticated rabbits are around 8 to twelve years, some breeds of rabbits are known to live longer than others. Similar to dogs, miniature or dwarf breeds of rabbits do tend to live longer compared to their giant breeds counterparts.

Dwarf rabbits, mini lops, and other smaller rabbits’ breeds will typically live into the double digits, while larger breeds such as French lops and Flemish giants won’t.

What to Do to Ensure A Healthy Rabbit Life

A common misconception in rabbit owner’s mind is that bunnies are not the type of animal that requires a lot of maintenance. Well, this is very wrong. Rabbits do demand high maintenance from their owner. They need the right diet, correct housing companions and mental stimulation.

Combining these three things above will then lead your rabbits into a long and healthy life that of course any owner should strive for.

That is all regarding our answer on the question of how long do rabbits live. We hope this article is has been insightful to any aspiring rabbits’ owners out there. See you some other time with another article. Make sure to treat and take care of your rabbits properly, they are an adorable animal, and seeing them meet and untimely death is of course very heartbreaking.