Is Rabbit a Rodent? Let’s Find Out

The classic question of is rabbit a rodent always haunts the mind of any rabbit pet owner out there. So, in today article we will be looking into is rabbit a rodent, and if they’re not, what are they? And what are their differences with rodent?

Is Rabbit a Rodent?

Short answer for this question would be no, rabbit is not a rodent. Rabbits and hares are members of the Leporidae family, a one of the two families in Lagomorpha orders. That being said, if the question of is rabbit a rodent was asked a century ago, then the answer would’ve been yes. Up until the 20th century, zoologists classified rabbits and other lagomorphs into the order of Rodentia, which does include other typical rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels.

What is the Difference Then?

Well, there are a couple of differences from lagomorphs, which rabbits belong to, and rodents. For example, rabbits have four incisor teeth instead of two, and their diet consists only of herbivores food as opposed to rodents which usually also eat meat as a part of their diet, otherwise known as an omnivore.

Another thing to answer the question of is rabbit a rodent is the fact that rabbits have different digestive system compared to rodents. Since rabbits are completely herbivorous animal, they do not digest the animal food matte, unlike rodents that have an enzyme to held them digest animal food such as meat and fat.

Therefore, in conclusion to answer the question that is rabbit a rodent, no they are not. Although similar, rabbits are indeed not a rodent based on their differences and definition we’ve mentioned above. We hope this article answers your question, and we hope to see you again in some other day with our article.