What do Rabbits Eat and Why It’s Important to Know

As an owner, of course we want our pet rabbits to live their best live possible and stay healthy in general, and one way of doing them is of course to feed them. That being said, not everyone is a professional in taking care of rabbits, so the question of what do rabbits eat of course appears in their mind.

After all, feeding the wrong thing to rabbits contrary to what rabbits actually eat can prove fatal to your pet rabbit. But don’t worry, we have three of the most common food on what do rabbits eat to help you out with that.

1. Grass

Grasses are indeed the most common food for rabbits. There’s even a lot of types on what grass you can give to your rabbits such as nut grass, elephant grass, or even dried grasses that you can get from your nearest pet shop. But other than grass, you can also feed your rabbits hay, too. If you so choose.

2. Carrots

What do rabbits eat? Well, judging from the many kids book out there, it’s obvious that one of them are carrots. Due to the high amount of Vitamin A in carrots, rabbits absolutely love to eat them, and if you’re confused on to what do rabbits eat, then you can’t ever go wrong with the classic choice of carrots.

3. Lettuce

Next in our list of what do rabbits eat Is lettuce. Not only can human eat them, your pet rabbits can surprisingly also eat them. This is due to the high percentage of mineral and vitamins in it, making it to be one of the best foods for your rabbits.

As we’ve mentioned above, most people will already know these things, but some don’t. So, we hope that this article is useful to anyone out there that is still confused on what do rabbits eat, and we hope you enjoy taking care of your rabbits. They’re such cute creature, after all.