What do Wild Rabbits Eat: Everything You Need to Know

Although uncommon, there are a couple reasons why the question what do wild rabbits eat appear on anyone’s mind. Some of them being; you become an adopted parent of a wild rabbit, you are planning to adopt a wild rabbit, or there’s just a wild rabbit near your yard that you want to feed.

So, without further ado, let’s just start the article on what do wild rabbits eat and how do you feed them.

Understanding Wild Rabbits Eating Habits and Lifestyle

Wild rabbits unlike their domesticated counterparts eat different things depending on the season they are in. During winter and cold season in general, wild rabbits have a wood-based diet such as tree bark, twigs, and pine needles. Otherwise, wild rabbits eat green plants like clover and et cetera.

And while it seemed like they’d eat any vegetable offered to them, wild rabbits are a picky eater underneath. They prefer fresh foliage than stems or other dry plants. They’re even known to climb tree trunks in order to get the fresh leaves or dew-laden vegetations.

Wild rabbits usually graze for food at dawn and dusk. Their safest time to hunt would be during the crepuscular times with heavy feeding during the first half hour and continued with selective feeding if the environment is safe.

Can You Feed Wild Rabbits Pellets?

After knowing what do wild rabbits eat, of course an alternative of their food would come into mind of many people, one of them being pellets. Well, pellets are rich food sources, so feeding it excessively is not recommended. Most wild rabbits run 3 miles each day, so try to maintain the same balance of activity and high calories food for the wild rabbits.

That is all for our answer of what do wild rabbits eat and everything you need to know about it. We hope this gives you more insight if you’re planning to adopt a wild rabbit for yourself anytime soon. Do take care as they’re inherently different from their domesticated counterparts, thus more research on the subject is advised.